Blood Pressure Station

About 2.7 million North Carolina adults (35%) have been diagnosed with high blood pressure by a health care professional. Assuming that national prehypertension rates also apply to North Carolina, up to an additional 2.5 million adults in North Carolina are at risk of high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes or contributes to at least 26% of all deaths in North Carolina each year.

Self-monitoring blood pressure is an evidence-based strategy that can help reduce the risk of illness or death from high blood pressure. Creating a blood pressure station in your facility will give users the means to check or self-monitor their blood pressure on site, giving them the ability to address problems related to “at risk” blood pressure levels.

Guide to Creating a Blood Pressure Station


These posters on blood pressure self-monitoring can be professionally printed in actual size. Click on the thumbnail of the poster for the pdf version.

Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure

Learn proper protocol for taking blood pressure correctly and accurately using an automatic blood pressure device. The video, produced by the Mayo Clinic, provides instruction for those who check their own blood pressure at home.