NC Stroke System of Care

NC Stroke System of Care strategies and related resources identify priority action items for the work of the Stroke Advisory Council in collaboration with local, state, and national partners. Healthcare professionals, policy makers, human services providers, and those who care about stroke in our state can help design, implement, and sustain initiatives developed from these strategies. Implementation success will depend on the collaboration of champions from a wide range of organizations and key stakeholders working together to address the actionable strategies and gap areas, including securing funding and other resources necessary for completion of this work.

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NC Stroke System of Care Work Groups

Analysis of these strategies to strengthen stroke care in North Carolina revealed several topics that require further examination. Stroke Advisory Council ad hoc work groups will address the following:


  • Inventory all telestroke services available in NC
  • Update Telestroke map
  • Partner with NCHA, OEMS, etc. to keep list of telestroke sites current
  • Identify gap areas
  • Assess need for development of telestroke system

Prehospital Assessment

  • EMS transport of stroke patients
  • Prehospital stroke assessment
  • Selecting appropriate transport method
  • Selecting appropriate hospital as transport destination
  • Assess disparities in EMS access
  • Prehospital documentation and metrics: dispatch to arrival, arrival to scene departure, scene departure to hospital arrival
  • Document baseline deficits and communicate deficits as patients move through continuum of care


  • Case data abstraction guidelines
  • Hospital capacity to abstract data

HIE Stroke Registry

  • Purpose
  • Objectives
  • Measures across the care continuum
  • Collaborating with NC HealthConnex